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Meeting Your Residential Needs

As a full service residential construction company, bei General Contractors applies green practices and expert craftsmanship to every step of the focus on custom luxury homes and estates. bei General Contractors maintains a professional and separate staff to service the needs of our residential customers. This specialized division excels in large scale new construction and renovations.

Understanding Your Project

During the construction of any project, the coordination of the trades is an integral part of the process. bei General Contractors understands this and will research and coordinate any and all necessary components to your home’s future state. bei General Contractors has experience in new construction to historical renovations:

New Construction

bei General Contractors can build your new home from the foundation to roofing. With experts and experience from concrete slab work to complex electrical work, bei General Contractors is there to build your new home. All work will be overseen by bei General Contractors experts and will ensure that your future home is safe and sound.

Historical Renovations

From the historical French Quarter to the beautiful Uptown area, the greater New Orleans area is filled with numerous historical homes. Each home has particular details and facades that you likely want to keep for future generations. bei General Contractors has had years of experience ensuring that all the characteristics that make your home unique stay in place and really stand out. bei General Contractors will work to ensure that your home meets any historical renovation codes while simultaneously updating and modernizing it to your liking.

LEED-Certified Standards

bei General Contractors understands that when Louisiana gets hot, the air conditioners turn on. When meeting with all the parties involved, bei General Contractors will make sure to build your home as green as possible to bring down those power bills. That’s what makes our building process worthwhile: saving you long term dollars while saving the planet.

Hurricane Proofing

Hurricanes are a way of life along the Gulf Coast. bei General Contractors will ensure that your future home is as hurricane proof as possible by using the best quality materials and ensuring that your home lasts through any storm. From high quality roofing standards to strong windows, bei General Contractors will ensure that your home meets whatever test nature throws at it, all based on your design specifications.